·        What is XTRAWeekly?
XTRAWEEKLY is a tool to help your after school students develop their information text and nonfiction reading and writing skills.

        What are the three parts of the lesson plan?

1.      A current event article is the first page

2.      The second page is the questions for the students

3.      The third page is the answer key for the teacher

·        Where are the newspaper articles from?

From the Washington Post/Bloomberg News and McClatchy-Tribune news services

·        Is the lesson plan based on state standards?


·        How often is the lesson plan available and how do I get it?

The three-page lesson plan is available for 32 weeks during the

school year and is downloadable from this web site

·        What grade levels is the program available for?

The lesson plans are available in two grade groups –

      Grades 3-5 (Level I) and Grades 6-8 (Level II)

·        How do I order?

If you are paying by credit card or check, simply go to the home page, hit subscribe, and follow the prompts.


If you are paying from a P.O., fax the P.O. to 858 481-7501. The P.O. will be posted within 24 hours. Simply then hit subscribe,  follow the prompts, AND enter your P.O. number.