XTRA Weekly is a tool to help your after school students develop their information text and nonfiction reading and writing skills.

1. Newspaper Article – an article of current and high interest from a national newspaper. All paragraphs are numbered for ease of reference by instructors and students.

2. For the Instructor – step-by-step suggestions for planning and presenting each lesson, including tie-in websites, supplies needed, time requirements, and warm-up activities.

3. Student Questions – five questions designed to teach students vocabulary and higher-order thinking and reading skills.

4. Teacher Answer Key – answers to questions posed on the Student Questions sheet along with citations of applicable content and skill standards for each question.

5. Extension Activities – a set of activities linked to the article content, geared to stimulate students to improve their literacy through writing, discussion, artwork, games, and other entertaining activities. Includes one activity appropriate for ELL students and a parent/guardian involvement activity that can be assigned as homework.

From the Tribune News Service, which draws from over 600 news organizations worldwide including The Dallas Morning News, The Chicago Tribune, the Miami Herald, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the Mayo Clinic News Network, The Detroit Free Press, The Mercury News, The Orlando Sentinel, The Kansas City Star, The Baltimore Sun, and The San Diego Union-Tribune.

The five-element lesson plan is available for 32 weeks during the school year and is downloadable from this web site

The lesson plans are available in two grade groups –
Grades 3-5 (Level I) and Grades 6-8 (Level II)

Click on “Shop” on the top menu and you can purchase individual lessons or subscribe to all lessons for a full year directly on this site. If you’d like to purchase a subscription for your entire school or school district, please contact us using the “Contact” page for pricing.