Based on myriad conversations with teachers, principals, curriculum leaders and superintendents, we recognized the need for a comprehensive and targeted critical reading/thinking skills curriculum that would address the dearth of nonfiction, current events reading materials used in schools across the nation.

With encouragement from seasoned education professionals, XTRA Weekly was created 14-years ago to provides articles published by national recognized media companies that are easy to access online, easy to use and manage, and address topics of interest to students in Grades 3-8.

Our 32 weekly lesson plans are common core standards-based, with a focus on reading, writing and speaking activities that address higher-order thinking skills.

Feedback from our XTRA Weekly customers consistently tout each of the lessons’ ability to:

  • provide critical background information for students – a key contributor to enhancing reading comprehension;

  • enable the students to practice a variety of learning styles and skills – reading, writing and speaking;

  • enhance students’ knowledge of current events on a weekly basis.


Drew Schlosberg

Drew is the Founder and President of XTRA Weekly. He has developed more than 50 curriculum guides for the San Diego Unified School District and the Copley Press as editor/curriculum developer/special projects coordinator for the San Diego Unified School District. Drew has been the Community & Public Relations Director/Consultant for The San Diego Union-Tribune and served as the company’s Newspaper In Education Manager. Drew was also an Adjunct journalism instructor at San Diego State University.

Mark J. Davis

Mark is the COO of XTRA Weekly. A digital media executive with more than 25 years of business experience, he pioneered online television listings as well as the Internet delivery of economic data and forecasts. He also led the launch of some of the earliest successful subscription Web sites. Mark has served as COO/CFO of Omnislash, Infocore, and The Wrap News, and was Vice President, Strategy and Interactive Media for The San Diego Union-Tribune. Mark has spoken on the challenges and opportunities facing the digital content business at industry and academic conferences and contributed a chapter to the e-Voter Institute book, About Face: The Dramatic Impact of the Internet on Politics and Advocacy. Mark served as an infantry officer in the Marine Corps.

Randy Everett

Randy Everett

Randy is the Chief Marketing Officer of XTRA Weekly. He brings experience in marketing, sales, and web development that he acquired while working at the San Diego Chargers NFL franchise, The San Diego Union-Tribune, and a top marketing agency. Randy also is CEO and an instructor at DMarketingU.com, which empowers digital marketers with strategies that generate more leads, sales, and results. With a family full of teachers, he is passionate about helping teachers succeed with innovative tools and programs, which is why he is also involved with the nonprofit Classroom of the Future Foundation.

Anne Geiberger

Curriculum Developer Anne Geiberger has collaborated with numerous schools and other educational organizations to develop and refine academic programs and curricula. Institutions she has worked with include University of California; Pearson Education; San Diego Unified School District; The Children’s Initiative; Discovery Education; AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination); Regis College; University of Minnesota; College–Hill Press; Universiti Malaysia Terengganu; Natural History Publications; Little, Brown and Company; Azbookvarik Publishing Group; Heron Books; Baylor College of Medicine; IDEA Health & Fitness Publications; Walter Foster Publishing; In2College Magazine; and San Diego County Regional Opportunity Program.