Chill out in Week 23 with articles about Chicago Rats in the Winter plus Five Tips to Love Your Heart

The objective for our Week 23 lessons is to teach critical reading and thinking skills using current news about “Why winter weather is no match for rats in America’s ‘rattiest city’” (Level 1 lesson) and “Five tips to love your heart” (Level 2 lesson).

Some of the exercises of this week’s Level 1 lesson include:

  • Vocabulary Antonyms: Using a thesaurus, find at least one antonym for each of these three words from the article: brutal (para. 1); brazen (para. 10); extreme (para. 15). Then, use the antonyms in an original sentence.
  • Adequacy of Data: What evidence in the article supports the claim that rats can survive in tough environments?
  • “Drawing Conclusions Making Inferences”: List at least two examples of how COVID-19 had an impact on rats in Chicago.
  • More exercises are available in the Extensions Activities

Some of the exercises of this week’s Level 2 lesson include:

  • Vocabulary: Use a dictionary and contextual clues in the article to define/explain 6 key words or phrases from the article.
  • Cause and Effect: What is one thing you can do to help keep your heart healthy? Cite evidence in the article to support your answer.
  • “Drawing Conclusions Making Inferences”: Why is it important to include lots of fruits and vegetables in one’s diet?
  • More exercises are available in the Extensions Activities


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