Explore our Week 21 preview with articles about GoFundMe and Emergency vs. Urgent Care

The objective for our Week 21 lessons is to teach critical reading and thinking skills using current news about “International student surprised by GoFundMe support, raising $4,700 to graduate” (Level 1 lesson) and “Emergency vs. urgent care: what’s the difference?” (Level 2 lesson).

Some of the exercises of this week’s Level 1 lesson include:

  • Vocabulary Affixes: Find three words in the article that contain affixes. What are the meanings of the prefixes and/or suffixes of the three words you chose?
  • Adequacy of Data: What evidence in the article supports the claim that Kaishi Chhabra had an amazing roommate who was willing to help her out?
  • “Drawing Conclusions Making Inferences”: Why did Emily Bevard set up a GoFundMe account for her roommate Kaishi Chhabra? Explain.
  • More exercises are available in the Extensions Activities

Some of the exercises of this week’s Level 2 lesson include:

  • Vocabulary: Use a dictionary and contextual clues in the article on urgent vs. emergency care to define/explain 6 keywords.
  • Structural Features of Informational Materials/Characterization: List three words or phrases that characterize Urgent Care. Cite evidence in the article that supports your answer.
  • “Drawing Conclusions Making Inferences”: Give an example of a condition for which you would visit an Urgent Care clinic.
  • More exercises are available in the Extensions Activities


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