Explore our Week 19 Lessons with Topics about Double Masks and Vicarious Vacations

The objective for our Week 19 lessons is to teach critical reading and thinking skills using current news about “Should you double mask? Start by picking the right one” (Level 1 lesson) and “Lori Borgman: Vicarious vacations loaded with Vitamin See” (Level 2 lesson).

Some of the exercises of this week’s Level 1 lesson include:

  • Vocabulary Antonyms: Think of an antonym for each keyword in the article then use it in an original sentence.
  • Adequacy of Data: What evidence in the article supports the claim that wearing two masks is beneficial?
  • “Drawing Conclusions Making Inferences”: Discuss things to look for when choosing a mask.
  • More exercises are available in the Extensions Activities

Some of the exercises of this week’s Level 2 lesson include:

  • Vocabulary: Use a dictionary and contextual clues in the article to discuss the keywords about vacationing.
  • Cause and Effect: What has “pandemic-induced claustrophobia” caused the writer of this week’s article to do? Cite evidence in the article that supports your answer.
  • “Drawing Conclusions Making Inferences”: What is one advantage of vicarious vacations?
  • More exercises are available in the Extensions Activities


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